Day Dreaming Outside

At DVerse, we are writing 5-line Japanese poetic forms. I think this is called a kyoka. This is also inspired by FOWC: Classic.

take a step outside
put your phone in quarantine
enjoy nature’s peace:
watch clouds canoe in the sky
classic, idyllic dreaming

Clouds 3_20
Photo taken, ironically, from inside my house


13 thoughts on “Day Dreaming Outside

  1. The serenity is strong in your tanka! Your tongue-in-cheek use of quarantine works so well. Your images evoke the tranquility of cloud gazing and daydreaming. Love that line: “watch clouds canoe in the sky!”


  2. My phone is usually switched off anyway. I only have it on for video consultations with the doctor or emails form the bank to confirm a transaction, and they are few and far between. I love the thought of all those people who are attached to their phones putting them in quarantine. Natureโ€™s peace is all I need โ€“ and clouds canoeing in the sky.


  3. Much easier to quarantine the phone while wearing a mask! But I have always wished people to look at the world rather than their phones when they are out in it. (K)


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