Like a Dream Depart

This is linked with the Writers’ Pantry and was also partially inspired by First Line Friday, though it is not according to the prompt.

In the morning’s softened light,
Coffee’s rising steam:
As I watch, it dissipates,
Like the briefest dream.
I imbibe the bitter taste
Peaceful in expression,
Would that I could grateful be
For life’s messy sections!
This time is a nightmare part —
Won’t it like a dream depart?

11 thoughts on “Like a Dream Depart

  1. We DO long for the nightmare parts of life to vanish quickly, like steam from coffee. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. When they linger, we can practice gratitude…for Other Things! 🙂


  2. Truly we’re living in a nightmare part. Hopefully we will have learned something from it before it becomes a bad dream!


  3. For some it may seem like a waste of a few months, but if we see the end of it, it will be small cost to be still alive in a few months time.


  4. I want to take your question and dance with it while screaming a raucous, “Let it depart and never be!” Or, at least, let the hurtful and ugly be gone… and the lessons remain. Also, now I want coffee.


  5. Yes, nightmares do depart. But the memories of them don’t, at least not very soon.
    Jenna, thank you for having your name after your pen name. Now I know, I had worked hard trying to find it to return your nice comments.
    BTW, my next oldest granddaughter is a Jenna. It’s a good name.


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