We are writing quadrilles using the word “slip.”

How effortless it sometimes is
To slip into a false persona,
Just because it is expected —

How difficult it sometimes turns
When the truth inside you burns,
To engulf walls you’ve erected —
And the mask you’ve selected.

Too tired to keep trying,
You slip.

greyscale photo of masks on a stick
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

14 thoughts on “Slipping

  1. I agree with Sarah about the two uses of slip, and I like the use of rhyme in the middle of your quadrille – the unrhymed stanza about the effortless slip into a false persona is juxtaposed with the difficult burning of truth in the rhyming stanza, which emphasises the dilemma. Walls and masks to protect ourselves or to protect others?

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  2. The human condition, the masks we wear, but the motive or the unconscious, you raise the issue of relational consequence – how masks affect others, wonderful.


  3. Tight, profound, not a wasted word and paired perfectly with those stilted masks. I admire liked the way you conveyed a complete favorite line – >and the mask you selected.” That relates the reader back to the picture, adds another dimension to those ranked masks (no i’m thinking ‘closet’) somehow “free will’ sneaks in as well as the inherent weariness engendered by a constant barrage of choices.


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