To Drink You In

This is for DVerse’s prompt about rain, and it is particularly inspired by Sarah’s words in the prompt post itself, since Sarah asked us, “Give me your rain.”

Give me your rain.
Whether it be dew
Or a downpour,
Whether it be drizzle
Or a deluge,
That I may drink
You — Truth comes first.
Oh, I thirst.

13 thoughts on “To Drink You In

  1. That’s beautiful – acceptance of the gift, and rain as a metaphor for so much more. The clean sentences at the start and finish round it off really well. Thank you for sharing.

    I love your rainwords, too. I don’t think I’d noticed how many of them began with “d” before.


  2. I love the way you’ve dripped the alliterative words for the watery stuff throughout your poem: dew, downpour, drizzle, deluge, and drink, like drops bouncing off things!

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