My Determined Scribblings

For this Wednesday’s Weekly Scribblings, we are writing about the idea of discipline. I’m not exactly happy with how this poem turned out, so let’s call it a rough draft. Maybe I’ll find the discipline to edit it later. 🙂

Painful in the moment
Is determined discipline:
Is it worth the perseverance
To keep going when
It seems better to quit?

The finish line — imagine
Exhilaration, crossing it!

11 thoughts on “My Determined Scribblings

  1. I too like the irony of discipline being the subject of a quite undisciplined poem. I agree about the benefit of determined discipline – the exhilaration is worth it.

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  2. Why am I thinking of crossing the bar…?
    Never mind that. I like editing. It assures the perfectionist in me that things will be alright.


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