Clear Vision

Two tercets for DVerse and also inspired by Tale Weaver: dirty windows.

I wear glasses, and most of the time I wonder how it is possible to see out of them, since they get dirty in about a minute, even if I clean them!

There are dirty windows in front of my eyes;
Wonder how I could see, once I realize
How dirty the glasses had been.

As I remove the glasses now,
What new vision would my life allow,
If the lenses looked immaculate again?



9 thoughts on “Clear Vision

  1. Although I don’t wear glasses, I can relate with dirty windows (and the car windshield). It is easy for me to see through the dirt and pretend it isn’t there until it becomes too obvious to ignore. It is good when they are immaculate again.


  2. As clean glasses get dirty you don’t notice until something big occludes your view, then you realize how bad your view has been with those lens. I like the metaphor here.

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  3. Great poem, at first I took the light side and smiled as I relate, went to think how irritating in Finland and winter when you enter in from the cold and your glasses get all steamy…
    Then I took in the deeper level, I at least found in this. Very nice double-meaning, light and fun which seems to be in short supply, yet with tones that also spoke of the clearness of vision, the awareness of perceptions, and how clear when once seen. Of what is going on, it seems we all here resonate to some degree..

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