To a Sunflower

Shared with the Writers’ Pantry this week. Magaly talks about keeping a sense of hope, and I wrote this even before reading that.

You are slowly opening:
Hope in nature’s bloom,
Showing what it is to wait,
And to give growth room.
Yellow petals reaching out,
Pretty little flower,
Like a set of open hands
With surprising power.
Captivating littleness,
Sowing seeds of your greatness.

photo taken by me a few days ago

14 thoughts on “To a Sunflower

  1. I love this so much. The embracing of the little (giant) things that truly matter, the art of keeping hope in our hearts and cultivating it. And yes, I totally hope that your muse and mine were independently thinking of hope–we need a lot of that right now.

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  2. The determination of growing things is often amazing, asserting themselves in cracks in sidewalks and some such. There is a courthouse in a small town not far from my city that has a tree growing from the top of it. It has become something of a phenomenon.

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  3. Luv the hope unfurling. What a beautiful metaphor your sunflower have inspired to words. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


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