At DVerse Poetics, we are talking about revolution! . I wrote this poem when the lockdown was still new, around April or early May, but I haven’t shared it before, so I hope it’s okay to share with DVerse. Also, I was inspired by a line from T.S. Eliot, here, so I apologize to him. 🙂 

I do not measure my forenoons,
Nor life, with coffee spoons,
But this month in counting
Take-out lunches:
Used to eat out often
Now we need to bring it in,
Whether it be BJ’s pizza
Or Craftsman, or anything
Else the cravings have wanted —
My cravings really ask for
Coffee, sitting at the café,
But that doesn’t need a spoon.
It needs a revolution.

14 thoughts on “Take-Out

  1. Spot on. Before we emerge without fear and plague in this new world, there needs to be a medical, spiritual and political revolution.

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    1. Yes, I feel like “what’s the point of getting coffee from the café if I can’t stay there to enjoy it?” The bright side is, that has saved me a couple hundred dollars during these months.


  2. We can”t just go back to where we started for sure.
    Funny, I have only ordered up once all these months. Cooking is a comfort. What will happen when we can be with other people again? It’s hard to say, that seems so far away. (K)


  3. No, not even having your own spoon will grant you a seat at their table.
    This would have been great for the “Weekly Scribblings” foodie post this week.
    Thank you for peeking in, I will look for you there, still.


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