Be Kind

I wrote this décima today for Ronovan’s décima challenge, this week using the word KIND, and will share it with DVerse open-link night also.

Your boat is not the only one;
To suffering do not be blind
See with the heart, choose to be kind,
Share of your access to the sun.

One day’s work doesn’t mean it’s done:
People’s circumstances crumble.
But if your world starts to rumble
Those you’ve helped can help you also,
With value of friendships that grow,
Detached from money, and humble.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image



15 thoughts on “Be Kind

  1. Ooh, so honest and true. This is beautifully penned. Kindness is one of the best things on this planet to do and experience. Friendships go so far from mutual support and empathy as well. A fantastic piece here. Great work and thanks for sharing!


  2. I came first to you delightful “Take out” poem and left a similar comment to this.
    It would have been great for the “Weekly Scribblings” foodie post this week.
    Thank you for peeking in, I will look for you there, still.


  3. This is a very important poem and message for these troubled times. I know the news doesn’t show it but I was listening to a local radio and there is a lot of commonsense and kindness out there! Your poem reinforces that too.


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