When I Was Little

For Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry #30 and also shared with the Writers’ Pantry

Life was a delightful potpourri:
The euphoria of even a penny on the sidewalk
Amazing, ten dollars in a birthday card.
Depth of exploration in our back yard
Rocks, bugs, dirt and the occasional lazy lizard.
Uncoordinated me loved to dance, felt free
As a ballerina in magical pink,
I floated since no one told me I should sink.


16 thoughts on “When I Was Little

  1. An original write – your last line especially is great here – “I floated since no one told me I should sink…” Bravo!


  2. This is wonderful! I love how seamlessly you integrated the prompt’s word and topic, especially the latter. I love that about children and young hearts, the wonders that can be accomplished when no one says that we can’t.


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