This Will Be a Disaster

A haibun for Writing Wednesday. Join in here!

The news today is that President Trump is suggesting to delay the presidential election until in-person voting is safe. Though absentee mail-in voting is good, he says, to make it universal could lead to massive fraud.

People on the opposite side of the aisle are framing this as the president clinging to his spot in the Oval Office. I don’t think so. Say what you want about Trump; he is right that the potential for voter fraud is higher, and with the way his opponents have hounded him for the past 4 years, he is right to be worried.

I think no matter which way the election swings, it’s bound to be a disaster.

thunder and lightning
shouts of four horsemen ready
skies already gray

2 thoughts on “This Will Be a Disaster

  1. Unfortunately or fortunately… I read that ‘He’ can’t delay the voting. No acting president has that power. Remember the paper chits fiasco. I don’t think it matters if one voted from a public building, write-in- or any other computerized method (or even paper method) – there is still so much potential for fraudulent ‘counting’. I think I remember something years back in the history of the states about registering dead people so their votes could get counted.

    I agree with the ‘skies already grey’…


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