This is inspired by FOWC: Pizzazz and also Wednesday’s Weekly Scribblings but because it is so late, I am linking it to the Writers’ Pantry also.

History will certainly have pizzazz,

Yes? With truth stranger than fiction

(If anyone can even find it),

Allusions to the Apocalypse rampant,

Conflict in the plot of life outpacing

Many people’s ability to deal.

Is this a stream of consciousness for

The universe (which I wish we could

Go back and edit, reverse)? When will

This nightmare be consigned to history?

12 thoughts on “History

  1. You pose a question for us all. At my advanced age, this is certainly not the way I planned to spend my last years!! I hope it ends while I have time left!


  2. WOW, who would have thought. I am still stunned
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday. Stay safe



  3. When disasters occur the first move should be to ensure such an event should never happen again. Sadly that is not always the first thing on government’s minds. Now we can watch and wait to see if anything positive comes out of it.


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