An In-Between Time

Shared with DVerse open-link night. This haibun was a true story inspired by FOWC: Classify.

I used to tutor kids in math, and one of their favorite questions to ask me was, “How old are you?” “That’s classified information,” I would say with a smile, which wouldn’t stop them from guessing: “Are you 16?” No.  “Are you 30?” NO! There was hardly ever any in-between.

August — late summer?
Early autumn in Japan,
Hard to classify

15 thoughts on “An In-Between Time

  1. There always comes a time when people never ask… that is when you know you are old. Reminds me of a math class in my youth when I was supposed to calculate how much water there was in my teacher… 70 percent of her weight… so I estimated her weight to be a hundred kilos… she wasn’t pleased but it did make the math easier.

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  2. When I was young, the ages stretched before me only in vague sequence, now there are only seasons and they overlap in uncertain rhythm. I only ask that I not be plagued by an excess of either nostalgia or expectation. Your Haibun brought a smile. 🙂


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