A Positive Addition

This cherita is for FDDA day 30, about our best job, and FOWC: Covered. I am also linking with today’s Writers’ Pantry.

I am covered with love, even in the memories

Of my old job, children running to hug me
Even if they hated practicing math.

Before COVID divided people from each other,
It subtracted my job, but I hope that “my kids”
Will remember me positively, even if time multiplies.

An old photo yet still good for this post

9 thoughts on “A Positive Addition

  1. It is amazing how different teachers are. Some can impress you with their care and humour others remain indifferent tending not have a close relationship with their pupils completely forgetting they are children learning.


  2. Even though they were adults my students were “my kids.” Sitting on my desk when my classes were dismissed always, comments or questions welcomed, I reached an age where students, mostly young ladies seemed to want to pat my knees. A joy of teaching.
    Memories evoked, thank you, Vivian.

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