This Feels Odd

I just got switched to the block editor today, and it definitely feels odd. That’s the link for FOWC: Odd, since I can’t figure out how to do a better hyperlink (the kind that was so easy in the classic editor). I should probably consider myself lucky, since it seems like, for whatever reason, my blog was among the last to be switched over.

I had very little inspiration for poems today, several ideas but little more than phrases. This is extremely odd for me because, usually, even if I don’t post, I write 4 or 5 poems a day.

I suppose I’ll try to write a poem about this awkward new editor….Sharing also with DVerse Open Link

OpenLinkNight #273

These blocks do not impress,
Why the heck, WordPress?
I hope I’ll learn to use
This goofy thing, or choose
Somehow to go back
To “Classic” editor, whack
This into internet oblivion.
To disgruntled voices listen:
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,
Why won’t the coders nix it?

17 thoughts on “This Feels Odd

  1. For the links when creating a post, hover over a word that’s been highlighted until a little box of choices comes up. One of the choices is the paragraph mark, next is the text alignment, then Bold and Italic, followed by the ( | ) — well, it looks a bit like that — and that’s the way to add a link to the words.

    As for the spacing … no idea. I’ve always had to do a shift-enter to put a new line in the same block without a space btn the paras, and I didn’t see that change. I try to keep it simple now, or at least simple enough for me to remember.

    Good luck.


  2. I’m still not using the block editor even though my blog got switched to it two weeks ago. I use either the “classic lite” version in the WordPress iOS app on my iPhone or the “wp-admin” classic editor on my browser at


  3. I used to be able to swap to classic but the option has disappeared this week. Think I’m going to have to write in Word then copy and paste in. 🤨


  4. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. I am managing with it now. Not having too many problems. I write my poems as normal some place else then copy and paste them into the first Block. Then I copy the link to, for instance, FOWC and then move my first Blocs down twice, and then paste the link at the very top, above my text. Works for me like that but haven’t mastered doing shapes to my poems. Hope that helps a bit

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