Rosemary is hosting this Sunday’s Writers’ Pantry.
It’s an unprompted link-up, but she did talk about Shel Silverstein and shared one of his poems. That inspired this cherita, since I was a fan of his children’s poetry when I was in elementary school. I had forgotten about that until Rosemary helped me remember. 🙂

As a child in the library, I read his books of poetry:

Those whimsical, silly rhymes planted poet-seeds,
Also containing lessons waiting to germinate.

Today, encountering these words, they speak to me
Of truths I have only just begun learning,
Of letting the words start blooming.
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5 thoughts on “Rediscovery

  1. I love the line “of letting the words start blooming” I love Silverstein too. I just got to know him when my children were young. Loved his poems straight away lik “I cannot go to school today” Love the above as well. A wise poem

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  2. Reminds me of the Crash Test Dummies song about having blue hair before it was popular. I too was inspired as a girl my nursery rhymes and ditties.


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