For Quadrille Monday today, we are all eavesdropping. This was a hard word to use, especially in a creative way. I hope you all like it. By the way, this is based on truth, but hopefully I don’t overhear too much!

I do not eavesdrop
So much as others’ words
Float up, and sometimes far
To my open ears —
I may be nosy, and
So it appears,
But I prefer the term
“Curious,” hope it makes no one
Furious. Who knows
How ears can close?

5 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. Accidental eavesdropping is easy when people tell their life stories out loud. I get so angry with my father when he speaks his mind too loudly: ‘no one is listening; no one is even interested!’ he tells me – that’s what he thinks…


  2. The advent of cell phones gives us all the opportunity to eavesdrop as people are carrying on conversations in the grocery store, the bodega or wherever!!


  3. As writers we are naturally curious and, if people decide to broadcast their lives on public transport and have loud conversations on their mobile phones, who can blame us? Sometimes we overhear little nuggets that we can use in our work. 😊 Most of what they say is inane anyway, which Is why I often choose the quiet carriage when I travel by train.


  4. Nowadays it’s easier to happen to eavesdrop on others as some of them choose to speak a little too loudly in public places 🙂


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