It’s late, but I haven’t posted today. I have written a lot about today’s feast day in the Roman Catholic Church, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. For more information, click here. This is just one of the poems inspired by that today.

Save us through Your cross, O Lord,
Toss aside our sins,
With the Spirit in our hearts
Renewal begins.
All expected facts reversed,
A curse made glorious:
Died but then risen again,
Jesus, victorious!
Splinters from this painful tree
Lead to healing, making free.

3 thoughts on “Exaltation

  1. Oh Jenna. I didn’t realise you are Catholic. I am too, though not been for a long time, since the pandemic began. I LOVE this Feast Day, and I LOVE this poem. I write religious poetry too but don’t post it on my Blog as it wasn’t intended to be a purely relogious Blog. I wantedbto start a new Blog just for my religious stuf but it didn’t work when I triedbto set one up. This is an absolutely beautiful poem. I find great difficulty in readin, with being blind, but I SO want to read all your poems. Bless you Nenna. Hope you are O.K. Lorraine

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