Mid-September Changes

For DVerse Poetics today, I have written 2 nonets based on the prompt, “9 Across for a Count Down.” The first line of both nonets is taken from “To the Light of September” by W.S. Merwin.

It seems as though you are still summer,
Though the smoky sky shrouds much sun,
But the flames are retreating —
Soon may our worries sleep —
May seasons cradle
Even amidst
Change : burning

Broken shadows across the cracked ground
Point out the path to October:
Mid-September’s hellish flames
Celebrate Halloween
Early, ghost-ashes
Haunt surfaces.
Trick or treat?

12 thoughts on “Mid-September Changes

  1. Nice conflation of autumn’s fiery colors and the fire raging. The imagery of “ghost-ashes” is just brilliant. These fires will continue to haunt us.


  2. I do hope for the flames retreating very soon. Well, I have not thought of October yet with the Trick or Treat costumes. Still very much with my late summer moods/thoughts.


  3. Inside the daily paper showed the flooding of Sally…
    Wish there was a way to get some of that rain to put out all the fires…

    I think folks should stick to parties this year and avoid Trick or Treating…
    Growing up we used to have costume parties. Been to a few as an adult too.


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