Strange and Stranger

This is for two prompts, MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Stranger, as well as (especially) the photo challenge #335. It may not be exactly on-prompt, but these poems were inspired by both prompts. The picture is by Brooke DiDonato.  Also, the first poem is in a form called an Alouette, and the second one got really creepy, just a warning!

Stranger than fiction:
She lost all friction,
Losing foothold and her shoe:

Some strange attraction
Caused this weird action —
All physics laws went cuckoo!

She is pulled off her feet,
Not able to make a retreat,
Impelled falling up those stairs —

She sees one shoe fly,
As she stifles a sharp cry
She hears an alarm bell blare:

Be sure to be home by midnight.

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