Precious and Priceless

This décima is for Ronovan Writes’s challenge. It also is linked with FOWC: Intangible and “What’s the Price?” at Poets and Storytellers United.

Intangible love, inner bliss:
Possibly each life’s major goal,
Enlivening the weary soul,
Precious treasure, it is priceless.

What a tragedy to miss this:
Incomplete sans companionship,
To lift people up when moods dip.
Incomparable is a friend,
Worth more than what many checks send,
Precious — a desert water-sip.

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge Image

12 thoughts on “Precious and Priceless

  1. Nice to the décima form, and true to the Scribblers form. Care of weary souls is very important lest the become discouraged and depressed.
    I write a lot of ten line ditties of eight syllabes per line. But seldom rhyming, perhaps they would be appreciated in the Southern Hemisphere and in Ecuador. Mine are either two five plus five verse stanzas or ten together. Also often 4-4-2.
    Thanks for your good example.

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