Memory is a Strong Magnet

It’s time for DVerse Quadrille again! These prompts are usually magnetic to ideas, especially today’s. 🙂 I wasn’t going to post this, but I don’t have a better idea. Some people have much more of an influence than they think, even more than you might think. This is also shared with the Writers’ Pantry

Did you know,
Although it has been twelve years,
The thought of you is magnetic
To me?
We are closer in your death
Than in life we ever were.
What if it had been me?
Did you know,
The void continues to call me?

13 thoughts on “Memory is a Strong Magnet

  1. I think, for me at least, death erases the little (and big) irritants and all that are left are the good memories. We can be left missing what drew us to the person in the first place, not the everyday weight that may have changed him or her.


  2. Ooh this really hit me today Jenna. It is leading up to the first Anniversary of my mother’s death, which occurred in November last year. It is weird, but your last line is completely right, and I have been thinking a lot today. I really lovebthis poem❤️

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  3. Unresolved is what comes to my mind – or unsettling a bit like maybe things weren’t balanced in the relationship… it speaks in a sad voice to me.


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