A Way to Alleviate Pain

This was written for the current Weekly Scribblings, as well as DVerse MTB for today. I hope this poem is especially sonorous. 🙂 For the Weekly Scribblings prompt, they provided a haiku, and I was inspired especially by the phrase, “an old rosary carved of human bone.”

the hired day-laborer, bone-tired —
life’s left much to be desired —
at sunlight’s end he rests, lets
those rosary beads flow through fingers,
memorized prayers free the mind
like a litany-lullaby, some comfort
to find, finally: Oh, Mother, hold me.


NEW: Access the Soundcloud recording of this poem here! I have never shared a recording before, so I hope you like it!

34 thoughts on “A Way to Alleviate Pain

      1. Crikey. It is utterly fantastic. I love the music, and it just gets right into your soul. This is AMAZING. Thankyou SO much for sharing that with me. ❤️

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      2. The Mother Mary bit really got to me when I first read it, and I was crying so much I couldn’t speak after that. My abusive mother died in November 2019 and I never stopped loving her. But Mother Mary took me into Her arms and held me like a mother should, and I sobbed in Her arms. That happened before I read this poem, but is still happening. So that is why it moved mecso much. Thankyou Jenna, for this beautiful poem ❤️

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  1. Lovely piece and, yes, way sonorous 🙂. I liked ‘litany-lullaby’ particularly – the consonants remaining while the internals of the words shift – and those ‘o’ sounds in the ‘Oh mother hold me’ line. Magic. Thanks for joining the prompt today and sharing this gem.

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  2. As I read your poem, I started to hum the Beatles song ‘Let It Be’. I love the way your poem begins with a rhyming couplet and shifts to internal rhyme in ‘at sunlight’s end he rests, lets’ and the flow of the rosary beads into prayers and a ‘litany-lullaby’.


  3. This really touched my heart because I’ve felt the same way letting the “rosary beads flow through my fingers” (what a perfect description!) during those times I’ve been so exhausted. Oh I loved this meditation, Jenna.

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  4. litany lullaby and “the ending line – very beautiful. SoundCloud is great and poetry should be heard by the author. This is fun. Suggestion – make sure the consonants are pronounced – and slow down in parts as the words get slurred. Over punctuate slightly – in that you MOVE your mouth (no one can see you) and you can slow down and speed up at times – let the drama or storytelling be heard in your voice. Take more than one recording as they are easy to delete. You will come to love this. I’m still learning (my son is an actor and a poet and he taught me a lot about how it should sound. 🙂 Don’t take this negatively – have fun with this.

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