A Happiness Project

At DVerse, it is quadrille Monday, and our word is “happiness” or some form of it. I also used the word for FOWC: Pacify. I appreciated this prompt and wrote this poem about an hour ago, which I’m grateful for because it would be more difficult to write a cheery poem now. :/  Yes, happiness is a project one must constantly work on, especially if “one” is me. 🙂

Find a little blast of happiness,
Gust of gladness, or even one
Whispering wind of change:
Sew a little peace-pocket,
Fly inside a reprieve-rocket
To try to pacify times strange.
For a while, find a quiet place:
Present-tense is a future I can face.

Good advice, self from an hour ago. Good advice.

11 thoughts on “A Happiness Project

  1. I love everything about this. Most especially the effective us of alliteration: gust of gladness, whispering wind, peace-pocket, reprieve-rocket. In my mind, an excellent pace with fun rhyming. And I adore the last statement — so affirming! 🙂

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  2. “Gust of gladness,” is such a strong and evocative image. There is much to be overwhelmed by right now but we must keep our chins up. 💝


  3. “Present-tense is a future I can face.” So prolific here! To live in the now is the ticket to happiness. It’s the “peace-pocket” we all desire to live inside. Beautiful poem! 🙂


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