If We Could Speak

This was difficult to finish, but here is my response to Paint-Chip Poetry #44, especially since I didn’t post my attempt last week. This was also partially inspired by MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Bubbles.

Those days when the wild blue yonder
Was not scary, but full of possibility and wonder —
When a supernova would have seemed
Superb rather than terrifying —
When she collected teddy bears
And wore a neon jacket, highlighter-green,
Unashamedly —
When she blew bubbles and loved
To watch them, whether they popped or soared —
If we could have a conversation today,
What would she say? Am I what she hoped for?

5 thoughts on “If We Could Speak

  1. Once I found a bubble product I thought it was called Everlast. The bubbles did last a long time.
    They landed on grass and even the concrete step and did not burst… I have a photo of one balancing on a step… eventually they do burst… but I look at the photo (in a round frame) and let my mind wonder…
    Neon green. I had a bedroom wall painted that color (when I was a teen). I’m not sure the younger me would even listen to the older me. One thing is certain we still can dream … of good things and we can with some hard work make that good happen.


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