I didn’t post anything yesterday, so hopefully today’s offering is decent. This is in response to paint-chip poetry week 45, and I am also sharing it with DVerse OLN.

A chanterelle is not the same as Chantilly,
Yet sometimes there is unexpected beauty:
Victorian ladies dressed in now-antique lace
Could never imagine exploring outer space,
Yet they are in the same continuum of history.

Lighthouses save sailing ships in a storm
Providing a beacon that is safe and warm,
But before the rest of the shore is bypassed,
Look closely to find some lovely sea glass —
There is true kinship, in an unexpected form.


16 thoughts on “Kinship

  1. I love that phrase, “continuum of history” and then the idea of kinship found in bits of sea glass. We spent 5 winters in Bermuda and I always went to the spot called “sea glass beach”. I loved collecting sea glass but what I really considered a prize, was bits and pieces of old china or porcelain with a bit of writing or etching or color or design on them. I wondered about the dishes and who once ate from them….how they came to be washed up on the shore, smooth now from possibly years of tumbling in waves. Kinship indeed.

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