So Bad, It’s Good

Yesterday, my friend had a small party, and one of the activities we did was paint along to a Bob Ross painting tutorial. I had heard of him but never tried one of those videos. Anyway, my finished painting inspired this free-verse poem, because it is not very good! I’m rather embarrassed about it (so I am sharing it with the internet 😂). 


I am linking with this prompt about islands and with the Writers’ Pantry. Writing a poem about the process of making this painting gave me a little bit of a paradigm shift, and it was a fun experience regardless of my lack of talent. Thanks also to Andrea for the fun phrase “gnarly bark.”

It’s supposed to look like a tree-lined island;
My trees aren’t evergreens, friends said they were
Palm trees, but they’ve got some gnarly bark.
Bob Ross says we never make mistakes but just
“Happy little accidents,” though I’ve planted the paint
In all the wrong places: friends said I could
Dream up anything, but this is from my nightmares.

That said, Bob Ross would not approve of
My self-talk, and I do like the sunset, and
At least — at least — every tree has a friend.

11 thoughts on “So Bad, It’s Good

  1. Painting is a delight, it is as though a part of you is speaking through your paint brush. Remember you are the best judge and you decide whether what you have painted is what you intended.

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  2. They’re happy little trees! I see a storm headed to shore, the palms are blowing in the wind. The darkness is a huge wave coming in from sea. And a beautiful sunset. Nice to live where you can gather for parties again! My guidelines become stricter in a few days.

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  3. We’re always our own worst critic. It carries the message of a beautiful sunset, and maybe that’s all it was meant to do. I dabbled in oil painting, but I could never get past barns in snow! Trees are HARD!

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