Learning What Love Is

For the Weekly Scribblings at Poets and Storytellers United, our theme is “the things you learned to love because you loved someone else.” I wrote a sevenling. This was a really enjoyable prompt, and writing the poem helped me to reframe something that had been more painful. It really fits with Thanksgiving Day today.

Because I loved you, I learned
To love drums, practiced being goofy,
Even attempted to understand basketball.

I learned the peace that comes
From a dog falling asleep in my lap,
Spontaneity of new restaurants, care of long phone calls.

We loved each other — differently.

Picture found on the prompt page

11 thoughts on “Learning What Love Is

  1. My dad was a drummer, I have always enjoyed listening to a drum solo but I can definitely see how that would be something that needed to be learned to be appreciated. Great sevenling.

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  2. Ah yes, that’s love!

    My first husband (in a brief, largely disastrous marriage) taught me to enjoy nightclubs, balls, the races, and getting dressed up for all these occasions. He taught me to appreciate cool jazz as well as the trad I already loved, and to like my own body.

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  3. Love in families is often quite different to others. Luckily in WW2 my mother was strong and able to cope without my dad at home every day with him undertaking regular civilian fire watch duty as London was bombed.


  4. It may start out as accommodation for our love but often it ends up as mutual pleasure and satisfaction (not “I don’t get no …”).
    “Even attempted to understand basketball.” Mrs. Jim and I went on a couple of mission trips with two requsts, “1) conduct a vacation Bible school and 2) teach us American baseball and football.”


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