From Behind the Trees

I wrote this last night, after Thanksgiving dinner, once my family had gone home, and the rest of us retreated to our own activities. I’m not 100% happy with the ending, but I am sharing it now for FOWC: Fidelity, since the moon has such fidelity as a poetic muse, for me and countless others. I write about the moon so often that there is a category on my blog for “poems about the moon.”

Luna peeks, and it is barely 5:00,
Sky changes to blue-gray,
As tonight replaces Today.
Today we are grateful, yet
Loss is bittersweetly prevalent,
As Luna dances her ascent.

Beginning to feel bereft, but
With several hours left
Before I can even think about
Sleeping, Luna is keeping
Me company: her glow
Is gentle, as friendship, to know.

low angle photography of full moon under silhouette of tall trees
Photo by Tom Fisk on

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