Costanza: Preparation

This is a Costanza poem for the Saturday Mix, also overlapping with MLMM’s Tale Weaver: Confusion. I wrote this tonight in honor of the first Sunday of Advent, the season before Christmas Day. My emotions have been all over the place, but I love Advent, so that is what inspired this poem.

As we prepare for Christmas Day,
The world is rife with confusion —
Fearsome “what-ifs” in profusion

We hope that what we have can stay,
That we can find abundant joy
And each raised singing voice employ.

This Advent season means we pray,
And watch for Jesus in our midst,
Even when winter wind has hissed.

Though emotions are wont to stray
Into areas of darkness,
Candlelight carries happiness.

Travel a hard yet joyous way,
Tending a hearth inside the heart:
Today we make a faith-filled start.

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