Sick of Abiding This

I wrote this quadrille for DVerse this morning, inspired by the threat of a new stay-at-home order from California’s governor. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but governors like this one love their power, so… we’ll see. I am also sharing this, two days late, with the Writers’ Pantry.

You might think I’m a prancing pony,
Yet there are war-horses, chariots inside.
I have generally a docile spirit,
Yet can be a general, military guide.
There are overreaches I cannot abide:
No one gets out of Earth alive,
So I’ll go down fighting.

9 thoughts on “Sick of Abiding This

  1. A great expression of defiance and most accomplished quadrille. (I don’t know the specific circumstances there, but stay-at-home periods have worked very well in Australia.)

    Your link on Mr Linky for Writers’ Pantry wasn’t working, so I hunted up this post on your blog and have corrected the link.

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    1. Yes, they do work very well. My family is mostly in CA and it’s inconvenient, sure, but it works. My daughter has surgery there next week, and really can’t be dealing with those I learned are called covidiots! It’s temporary and for the public good. No bigger in my book.


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