Taking Steps

This paint-chip poetry is actually for last week’s prompt because, yesterday, when I intended to respond to it, my brain turned off instead. Thankfully, I think this poem, written this morning, is decent. 🙂

The sand in the Sahara
Differs from a beach walk —
Both can be parts of the life of faith.

Midnight can be moonlit, romantic
Midnight can be terrifying —
Both are times on the life of faith.

In some sand can be built a castle
Some sand slips to a cliff’s edge —
Be aware in the life of faith.

Some paths are maze-like brain teasers
Whereas other roads are easier —
Take courage and care in the life of faith.

3 thoughts on “Taking Steps

  1. I love this. I’m glad you decided to share even though the next prompt is up because this beautiful reminder of the life of faith was worth sharing. Thanks for your faithful participation in the paint chip poetry prompt.


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