The Onus of a List

Some people like to-do lists. Not me. I find the onus of having several tasks to do enough, thank you! Making a to-do list simply adds one more task to the list in my head (which sometimes feels a mile long, but thankfully I have a decent memory, so I usually don’t forget about anything that needs to be done). Well, I might forget, but if that happens, then I remember again soon enough, before it gets to be too late.

Okay that’s two things off of my mental list: respond to SoCS and FOWC: Onus! Now I need to get ready for a Zoom meeting….

3 thoughts on “The Onus of a List

  1. I agree. A list makes all those tasks seem twice as hard
    Writing the list seems like procrastination. The list also gives fate the inside scoop on what to screw uo next. Best just to dive in and do what you can I say.

    Good post.


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