Grace Far Surpassed

I wrote this today because today, in the Catholic Church, we celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The image below is my favorite painting of Our Lady.

Although in Adam all have stain of sin,
Through Christ abundant life can enter in:
So far beyond what we could think or ask,
Grace far surpassed.

When salvation’s newest phase had begun,
The Father made a mother for His Son:
When the appointed time had come at last,
Grace far surpassed.

Almighty God preserved her from all stain,
Christ’s loving mother Mary we all gained:
The role of the new Eve set to be cast,
Grace far surpassed.

6 thoughts on “Grace Far Surpassed

      1. I will most certainly do that for you Myrna. But bean do it today or tomorrow but worried about hijacking Jennas lovely post but if Jenna doesn’t mind I will do it. Basically I have a 3D image carved, of the picture that was sent to me by the sister of my best friend in America who committed suicide, my friend was very mentally sick and she had thus 3D pic on her wall by her bed. It was sent to me in the UK after she died. Her name was Carla and I loved her dearly. She loved the Virgin Mary very very much and wanted to be Catholic but never got to be, I could post more of the story as there is a bit more but don’t want to hijack the thread. Sorry if there are any mistakes in my typing but I am blind but could just work out which image Henna had posted. I will take a look at your blog laterMyrna. God bless you, Lorraine from the UK

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  1. She had to be sinless if she was to carry God and He took His human nature from her. Why can’t all Christians see it! “for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” Luke 1:48


  2. Hi, Lorraine Thanks for posting a little about Carla and her love for Our Lady. I will add her to my prayer list as there is always hope; God loves those who love His mother. Good that you were able, although blind see enough of the beautiful image Jenny posted for us all.


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