Outside of the Box

This is for FOWC: Discover and day 13 of the Christmas challenge, which is about family. Shared with the Writers’ Pantry. For obvious reasons, my family is reconsidering what to do to celebrate Christmas this year, and though I am hoping we can spend some time together in person, it may be necessary to do some kind of Christmas present unboxing over video-chat. I’m also hoping to get to go to Mass and see my church family. Christmas would be very lonely without them.

When family must remain apart,
Discover ways to share the joy
To stitch together hurting hearts,
When family must remain apart.
The Christmas spirit is an art
New technologies to employ.
When family must remain apart,
Discover ways to share the joy.

6 thoughts on “Outside of the Box

  1. Over the years we become quite used to the ease of travelling and interactions with friends and family. rehaps it is a good reminder when socialising is difficult to make the most of everything when rules and regulations are eased.


  2. Well spoken I love how you said “to stich together hurting hearts”. Hope you have still a good Christmas. We are blessed here in NZ as we are able to come all together.


  3. “Discover ways to share the joy.”
    Pandemic days have certainly forced us in to a new wave of creativity


    P.S. thanks for dropping by my blog


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