Cozy Words

This quadrille is for DVerse, and when I saw the post title, “In the Inglenook,” I thought it must be gibberish because I had never heard that word before! Maybe it’s because I live in California, where we have no need of fireplaces (or, therefore, of inglenooks 🙂 ). Anyway, I am happy to have learned a new word today; here is my attempt at a quadrille!

But first, the definition quoted in the original DVerse post:

For those of you not familiar with the word, here is a definition:
INGLENOOK (noun,English)- A close intimate corner by a fireplace where people gather for warmth; from ingle, a hearth (Scots)

This frequent heat even in December
Forgoes all need for any embers,
Let alone a fire in the fireplace.
Still, every avid reader needs a place
To curl up with an enticing book,
Making their own kind of inglenook,
Comfy coziness with smiling face.


13 thoughts on “Cozy Words

  1. I can’t imagine heat in December – my fingers are freezing as I type, Jenna! I love the idea of making my own kind of inglenook – I suppose that’s what I do when I snuggle up with a book under a blanket in my armchair.


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