A Storm Which Spouts Such Squalls

Do any of you sometimes experience so many thoughts and ideas going on in your mind, that you can’t write anything? That is what happened to me today. This ghazal, inspired by the current DVerse prompt about beginnings and endings, is what happened after I did a completely stream-of-consciousness free-write in my poetry notebook. No paragraphs, no capitalization, almost no punctuation….it was like reading The Sound and the Fury. Anyway, here is the slightly less messy mess that I came up with, after my first mess was completed. 

Her words do not cohere, no not at all.
She wonders if there’s sense in them at all.

She tries to organize her swirling thoughts:
Will the storm which spouts such squalls subside at all?

She pens an S.O.S. — watches help stall,
And wonders if she’s worth the work at all.

Her twisting thoughts echo against the walls
Which rule her brain; what’s there to gain, at all?

Whether wandering at sea or finding land,
The writer wonders if there’s peace at all.

By the way, thanks to DVerse for the excuse to write a ghazal again! I’ve been meaning to try the form again. 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Storm Which Spouts Such Squalls

  1. The ghazal is a wonderful non-narrative form – and the sea rhythms in this piece come through strongly – it’s like each couplet is a wave on this storm tossed sea. I particularly liked your last couplet – ‘the writer wonders…’ and I thank you 🥇 for the only ghazal (so far) response to the dverse prompt, as well as being part of this writing community. See you in 21.

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  2. I think all writers experience these doubts, penning SOS’s, veiled and not.
    I love couplets and would’ve been lost reading The Sound and The Fury if not for my daughter’s penciled notes in the margins from her advanced English class.

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