Thinking About Silence

This is for Linda Kruscke’s paint-chip poetry week 52 — wow, we have been at this for a year! I wrote three poems inspired by the theme of silence and the paint-chip words (though no rhyming tercets or triolets). It was hard to pick only one word, so sometimes, I ignored that stipulation. 🙂 Poetic license!
I just realized: license is an anagram of silence! Wow!
Also, this is ironic, but the theme of silence truly has a lot to say, at least to me.


silent wilderness:
smoke signal
is a plea for help


faded denim:
bell-bottom jeans
speak of past decades
by their witness


There is a prickly-pear
Cactus hidden by dust-
Devils — there is a smoke
Signal amidst the silence,
A voice in the wilderness

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