Snow and Mud and Ashes

This is for Linda Kruschke’s paint-chip poetry prompt, the first of this year. I’m not sure how well my “abstract poetry” turned out, but here it is, and I am sharing with DVerse OLN also.

A safety-orange traffic cone is brighter than day.
Snow blankets the ground, stifling any seedling
Which might emerge from what was once just mud.
Ashes from a campfire dapple snow with gray —

Seedlings push through the greatest of difficulties.
Angels can be made in snow, days made brighter,
Even those ashes speak of happier days gifted —

Some people have a raven’s shadow above their door, never lifted.

Sorry, when I am given “raven” as a prompt word, my mind always goes, “Poe.”

4 thoughts on “Snow and Mud and Ashes

  1. I’m pretty sure this whole poem is a direct quote of something the raven said. 😉 Thanks for sharing. And for the reminder that it’s OLN. I haven’t linked there in a while because I never have time to read many of the other poems and that doesn’t seem fair.


  2. I like the positivity of the second stanza, and how the raven does not need to haunt us, even in the dappled dull cold of winter, “Even those ashes speak of happier days gifted —”


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