A Jumble of Letters

Today is the 11th day of JusJoJan, and the prompt is “Letter,” which is easy to write about because every post is made up of letters. 🙂 I have started several more poems today than I have finished. Many letters have a line but no stanza, and some stanzas stand alone, without a poem. Maybe I could write a poem about that. 

Alright, I’ve actually written something now: dabbling in a Quadrille for DVerse PoetsA jumble of letters,
A mismatched hodgepodge
Cobbled together like a ransom note —
A whirlpool of words,
Given a span of time
And a dab of inspiration,
A modicum of patience,
Might come together to create
A bundle of meaning —
Vaguely impersonating a poem.

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