First, Inspiration Hits

Today for SoCS and FOWC: Snug, I wrote a “golden shovel” poem, using a line from Emily Dickinson: “Bring me the sunset in a cup.” I don’t know which poem that is from because I encountered it on the tag of the tea bag that I had yesterday (“Bring me inspiration in a cup”). Reading that line, I instantly wanted to use it in a golden shovel poem but didn’t know how to start. Then, this morning, I saw the SoCS prompt and started the poem with “First thing.” 🙂 So there was a little bit of preparation for this, but it was accidental preparation. 🙂 Without any further ado….First thing, which the new day does bring,

After waking, the snug blanket hugging me.

Getting ready, hot water washes away the 

Grime of yesterday, and previous sunset 

Is undone, as the sun rises in 

Persistence and colors the sky in a 

Dazzling sign. Could I capture it in a cup? 




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