In This World and That

 For the paint-chip poetry prompt this week, we are given the challenge of writing a “chance cinquain,” using the words on the paint chips in order in five-line stanzas. I just realized I didn’t use them in order. Oh, well. I am also sharing with JusJoJan.

Matcha green tea,
Searching for zen-like peace:
In a temple close to Tokyo

I’ll find
At journey’s end
The Garden of Eden,
If I can travel long enough
Distance —

I try
Before the rain,
Turning withered leaves new,
But sometimes it requires sadly
A storm:

Roars dragon-like
As somber sky turns black —
Tie me to ship’s mast to escape
Sirens —

We sail,
Tea calming me:
Whirlpools of memory,
In this world halfway, and halfway
In that.

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