Change of Hearts

This was inspired by this prompt about judgment, as well as the current Weekly Scribblings. Click the link to read more. 🙂

God Himself will be the judge,
Seeing everything.
We do not know all the thoughts
Which seem conniving.
Sprouting underneath the snow
Of a heart that’s hardened,
Could be beginnings of some blooms
Of a heart soon pardoned.
People, like the moon, don’t freeze:
Change can come, brought to one’s knees.

Think about things differently
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

10 thoughts on “Change of Hearts

  1. I saw this in my father. He treated my mother terribly. We didn’t go to church, Dad wouldn’t go. Mom said she wasn’t going when she alone had to bring the children when she had a perfectly good (??) husband at home.
    Then one day it was “get your good clothes on, we are going to church.” My first time.
    Something had happened to Dad, he had changed and starting treating Mom very good. And we went to church from then on.


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