Yes to Love

This is for JusJoJan day 26. The word is “shutter,” and the poem’s catalyst was my women’s group this morning. As much as I miss meeting in person, I’m grateful for Zoom because we can still meet (especially because almost everyone in my women’s group is grandmother-age). Anyway, today we had a storyteller come to speak with us. She has “attended” our group several times now, and her stories are unique and often like fairy-tales, but their themes connect with the spiritual life. This is the poem that I wrote.

Yes, Love, I will say
Yes to love; in this
Half-hearted world
Do not shutter my heart
But let the light in:
I am tired and admit
I shudder to begin,
Exhausted to think, that
Every day we begin again,
Yet the cost is less
Than the worth of giving
Our wholehearted yes.

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