Photo Challenge 353

The image for MLMM’s photo challenge #353 is below, and it reminded me of a similar photo that I had taken almost a year ago while visiting an arboretum close to where I live.

photo by Ellie Burgin on

“This is my favorite flower,” I told him, pointing to one with some of its petals missing. We were in the arboretum, surrounded by roses, orange trees, plenty of blooms with more beauty. Having countless to choose from, why this one?

Noticing with appreciation its so-called imperfection, he commented, “Wabi-sabi.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but it definitely didn’t sound like the Latin he was learning. 

He explained that it was about finding beauty in what is not perfect — accepting things as they are.

IMG_20200303_120836217This is the photo that I took that day.

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