Light: A Ghazal

Linda Kruschke has a wonderful poetry prompt for us this week: writing a ghazal using paint chips!  I love, love, LOVE ghazals so was overjoyed to read this prompt on Friday. I not only used a paint chip for the repeating part at the end of each couplet but also used a few others interspersed among the 5 couplets. Linked also with the Writers’ Pantry at PSU.

That glowing up ahead — is it a red or green light?
Whichever color, it is such a keen light.

The coral aura of a summer sunset
Bathes the empty street in golden-sheen light.

Leaves as a blizzard fall in autumn air,
And, dappling the ground: What-Does-It-Mean light.

There is no primrose path along the road,
Yet sparkles sprinkle snow — see such serene light!

After a crash, this passenger, injured yet alive,
Revived, writes a story with never-before-seen light.

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