Looking Back

This is in response to this prompt about “rear view mirrors.”
I am also sharing with DVerse open-link night.

The rear-view mirror is colored rose,
Forgotten is most trials’ sting,
Only the best is what it shows,
Is it better than now? Who knows?
Every age of life has something
Painful, causing tears or trembling.
Another house stands down the road,
Flowers and thorns fill life’s abode.

Rear view mirror

9 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Nicely captured. Whenever I hear “rearview mirror” I think of the movie Cannonball Run, when at the start of the race, the Italian driver reaches over and rips out the mirror, turns to his navigator and says, “The first rule of Italian driving: What’s behind you doesn’t matter.” I’ve come to believe that line has much more than just its literal meaning, so if we want to remember parts of the past with rose-colored glasses, then there’s nothing wrong with doing that.


  2. Rear view mirror as rose colored, I think you are correct in this assessment… otherwise the entire Universe would live in a state of depression. Our best coping mechanism. I love your wise musing ~~


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