Mother of Sorrows

The DVerse Poetics prompt is about paradoxes today. Please follow the link to read other poets’ submissions and lovely examples of paradoxes in poetry. One of the options we were given is to build a poem around one of the given lines, and I am choosing the line, “I am the mother of sorrows; I am the ender of grief;” from the poem “The Paradox” by Paul Dunbar. The first thing I thought of was Our Lady of Sorrows:

A Catholic Life: September: Month Dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows

The sword imagery comes from Luke 2:35, and there are traditionally seven sorrows of Our Lady, hence the seven swords.
This is also linked with FOWC: Glow.

This lowly maiden has a glow
Of holiness, gifted from on high
Has joy in midst of many sorrows,
Has sung her God a lullaby.

This lowly maiden, mantle blue,
Mother made perfect by her Son,
Had faith so strong, a faith which drew
Her to the heights, this favored one.

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