New Patterns

Open up the windows,
Lift the blinds
But maybe hang a new curtain —
Certainly rearrange the furniture
Change it to something happier
And take away the clutter.

There’s too much stuff
From the past; when was the last
Renovation in this place?
New color-schemes can create
A more hopeful face.

For FOWC: Renovate (follow the link above) and also for Writing Wednesday: Enthusiasm. I wrote this poem while thinking about the renovations that sometimes need to be done inside my own head, changing my thoughts and sometimes my routine(s). I can start out being really enthusiastic about changing things around (if I am not overwhelmed into being frozen), but the hard part comes in working to maintain those new thought patterns and habits. I used the metaphor of renovating a room to stand for changing some aspect of one’s own life.


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