Storm Clouds

For today’s Weekly Scribblings at PSU, we are using the idea of a troubled relationship, and for Writing Wednesday, the prompt word is “redirected.” Magaly kind of joked about this, but my “troubled relationship” today is with the weather. I am spoiled lucky enough to live in Southern California, so there’s little to complain about the weather here, but dark / rainy days are hard for me, anyway.There are other troubled relationships I could write about, but let’s not go there today. 🙂

When the weather is expressionless
Or when it scowls darkly on the Earth,
I, too, in some maladaptive empathy
Mirror its feelings, finding there’s a dearth
Of my own sun to draw on, to draw forth.
When sun shines again, my mood is redirected
Effortlessly, yet at Caprice’s mercy.
I give thanks when bright days are expected.

“spring is coming”, by Johannes Plenio, on Unsplash

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